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How to get the EARFCN value of Neighbor Cells through MeasurementReport in Release 10?

+3 votes

Need to organize Neighbor List by using EARFCN. Any help will be appreciate.

posted Dec 23, 2013 by anonymous

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Thanks. I've found that EARFCN is sent along with Measurement Config as well as Mesurement ID. So we can get EARFCH through the Measurement ID in Measurement Report. Thanks for your help!
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As per spec T store Ue Context timer is used so that if with in this time period RLF occuring and applying rrc connection re establishment to source then Too early handover counted.

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In LTE, number of cells in is caped to 32 in MeasObject->CellAddModList.
My ENB is has detected the more that 32 neighbor cells through ANR and there CIO is changes regularly as part of MRO feature.

So if CIO of all neighbor cells changes regularly how do i inform UEs about the latest CIO. Does UE stored the last CIO provided in its database even after a cell is removed from CellAddModLIst?

Please provide your inputs.


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