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User list Not shown when switching between users on Gnome 3.8

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I've recently upgraded to f19, and with gnome 3.8, i've seen a bug appearing,Sometimes, when I want to switch between users, the user list isn't shown. I mean, there are the dropdowns (Calendar, shutdown, etc), the mouse is also here and is functionnal, but the user list isn't here.These are the steps to reproduce on my machine :

* Log into user A
* Switch to user B
* Switch to user A
* And then, when I want to switch back to B, the user list doesn't appear.

I've goggled a lot but I didn' t find anything, or only users who had their GDM crashing completely...And, a last thing, Before fedora, I had Archlinux, with gnome 3.8, and I had the same problemHope someone can help, If you need more information (Logs or anything like that) tell me on which file I have to look for informations.

posted Jul 4, 2013 by anonymous

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I installed Fedora 19 on my laptop, and it worked beautifully with the already installed Windows 8. When I upgraded the Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Now it boots straight to Windows 8.1 and grub does not appear.

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