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Can someone suggest favorite GNOME newsreader for fedora22?

+1 vote
Can someone suggest favorite GNOME newsreader for fedora22?
posted Sep 24, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Probably pan (dnf install pan) is the most popular. If you use Thunderbird, you can use it to read usenet as well:

Edit->Account Settings

Click on "Account Actions", select "Add Other Account", select "Newsgroup account", click "Next" and follow the prompts. Fairly easy. I don't use it much, but it does work.

answer Sep 24, 2015 by Ahmed Patel
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On the kernels from, we have the file hid-ids.h in:


This kernel is however missing from my F22 installation (with the Fedora kernel).

Any pointer of the possible location.

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Is there some way to create launchers on the Gnome 3 Classic Mode panel, as was easily done in Gnome 2?

I'm trying really hard to like Gnome 3 Classic Mode, but having a very difficult time of it, because it seems to only provide a superficial resemblance to the Gnome 2 desktop, without actually providing comparable functionality.

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I want my Fedora 22 box to run at a video resolution of 1680x1050.

I added and selected that resolution by doing:

$ xrandr --newmode "1680x1050_60.00"  146.25  1680 1784 1960 2240  1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync
$ xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1680x1050_60.00
$ xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 1680x1050_60.00

That worked, but when I reboot the resolution reverts to 1280x1024.

I tried creating file:


and putting in it:

Section "Monitor"
 Identifier "VGA-0"
 Option "PreferredMode" "1680x1050_60.00"

but that had no effect (perhaps because the resolution was not found after the reboot).

How can I set the resolution to 1680x1050 permanently?

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I am downloading (with rsync) the x86_64 os and updates, but noticed how little there is under the os directories, and that there is this 'everything' tree with all of the rpms for the os.

Can I rsync the everything packages and repodata directories on top of the os tree to make a complete setup, or do I have to have to keep the everything tree separate?