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Traffic on RBs in VOLTE?

0 votes

In analysis time with QCAT (Qualcomm tool) I am getting traffic in PDCP DL or UL statistics & I am getting traffic in all the RBs 0 to 4 , mainly we are using RB 2 for QCI 1 traffic but what about the other RBs ?

posted Aug 27, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

There is only one RB for VoLTE, I hope it helps?

answer Aug 27, 2014 by Pardeep Kohli
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In IMS VoLTE setting of a telecom network, what part/field of which type of packet (SIP, SDP, others...) gives authentic information of MSISDN-IP mapping? From a sample traffic, I need to find out information from control traffic about what IP is assigned to what phone number. In the sample traffic, I see a lot of protocols (SIP, SDP, RTP, DIAMETER, ISUP, ....). I require to find out IPs assigned to phone numbers. I know RTP flows between end devices (phones), but I need to find out IPs before the call is established...

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In Other Words VoLTE Call Established and No Dedicated Bearers established by NW, Is it Possible the call will be stable ? Can It use IMS Defaulr Bearers for the Call?

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Does anyone have bench marking report on max simultaneous VoLTE calls ? Each VoLTE call reserves some bandwidth due to GBR in nature ? I am looking for answer in ideal conditions.

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If Pcell VOLTE capacity is full, Can we establish the VOLTE call in Scell?

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