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Is there a python console in bluestacks?

+1 vote

I have installed bluestacks(an android phone emulator) on my pc,and SL4A on it.Now i can run python this way :

1.edit an file ending with .py, save it in /sdcard/sl4a/scripts/ sl4a ,and click the file to make it run.

Is there a python console to type python command to run python directly such as in pc?

posted Aug 14, 2014 by anonymous

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Is there a way to use pdb to debug Google apps written in Python? When I start the development system to run the app "test" like this -

'./google_appengine/ ./test'

  • I'd like to send the program into debug. I couldn't see anything in the documentation how to do this. If I do this - python -mpdb './google_appengine/' './test'
  • then goes into debug but doesn't know anything about "test".
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I have an application which sets up logging after parsing the args in the main() funktion. It needs to be setup after parsing the args because I can set the loglevel via commandline flags.

I have tried many variants on how to do that but every time with an weird result. What I want is logging in from all libs and really understand that doing this should be enough there:

from logging import getLogger

logger = getLogger(__name__)

But, I need to setup the logger in the main() function to log only to a file and not to console because my application has an own shell interface which should not be spammed with log messages - never a message should show up there.

I think it should be only some few lines of code but I can't figure that out. The logger should be configured to have a max file size and rotate logfiles. Can someone help me with this?

+2 votes

I want to daemonify my python script on Android device. That is, it should be automatically invoked on boot up.

Appreciate your help.

+2 votes

I am trying to control Aeroplane mode on Android using Python code. I am running QPyPlus python. When I execute this code(that is widespread in the net),

import android droid = android.Android()
# go to airplane mode


I get the error 'no such attribute Android()'.

One important thing is, I want to be able to do this without the need to reboot the Android device and any other working solution is also fine long as it is invokeable through Python.