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Why eNodeB need to send downlink power allocation parameters P-A and P-B to Mobile?

0 votes

It seems that there is no need for UE to know them from the physical layer's point of view. Do these parameters have an impact with the process of RF module in the UE?

posted Aug 11, 2014 by Pushpak Chauhan

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1 Answer

+1 vote

The idea is that UEs should emit the least power as possible. To allocate the biggest number of Subs in one cell.

In more details
The smaller the power, the less is the noise from others' point of view - my signal is your noise and vice versa. Performing the de/scrambling procedure, where noise level is low will give 1 or very close to 1 result in correlation procedure of scrambling codes. The higher the noise (from other Subs' signals) the higher probability/possibility that signal wont be de-scrambled to allow to decode the data. Because your signal will be gone in the noise.
Think about this like talking to someone next to you when being close to woofer on a ((death) metal) concert.

Additionally want to share the below.
Physics of electromagnetism with taste of modulation should answer your question. Long story short, weak signals are aligning to the phase of strong ones.

answer Aug 11, 2014 by Bart Barton
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On allocation of subframes to uplink and downlink, if eNB allocates on basis of present buffer status of traffic.

How the process actually happens? Is there any logic or formula for this?

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When does eNodeB comes to know that UE wants to do an IRAT handover in the live network?
Or, eNodeB always sends the measurement gap config info in the RRC connection reconfiguration message which has the measconfig IE?

Without knowing the measurement gap configuration, how does the UE perform inter frequency measurements?
Is it something like, the NodeB sends the meas gap config info to UE after succesful attach?Because UE needs to measure other frequency cells both during idle mode and connected mode.
Please clarify.

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