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Custom status bar does not show expanded notifications window?

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I have created a custom status bar ( keeping all the files same as phone statusbar (, but with some tweaks in layout files specific to my requirements (shuffling of some icons, color etc..). It compiles fine and i build the the ROM with no errors.
When i launch the emulator (generic), it shows my custom status bar (need to modify SystemUIService to point to my status bar instead of phone status bar), but when i long press on status bar to drag down the expanded view to see notifications it never happens, never drags down the status bar window view.
Any body knows what am i missing here ?
Are there any configurations that need to handled for custom status bar specific so as to work same as phone status bar?

posted Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous

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How to show/create notification number superimposed over the icon in the status bar in JellyBean. I know this was possible prior to honeycomb, but Google removed it and added under expanded view. I want to do this functionality in my custom rom, so how do i achieve it. Any thoughts around this ?.

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I need to show a dialog (more like a horizontal bar) on press of a custom Key (on my custom device powered by Android). This dialog should appear on top of any other application(say "A") that might be running when the Key is pressed.
The app "A" should keep on running and its UI should be visible (i.e the app "A: should not go to "_onPause_()"). It should work something similar to_ SystemUI_'s volume change dialog when Volume Hard Keys are pressed. I want to make minimum changes in framework.
My understanding is that I need to make changes in _PhoneWindowManager.java_ to handle the press of custom Key, which will then call my app residing in application layer, which will just inflate the dialog.
Would this work? If so, is there a better way to implement it? If not, how can I implement this?