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How to show/create notification number superimposed over the icon in the status bar in JellyBean?

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How to show/create notification number superimposed over the icon in the status bar in JellyBean. I know this was possible prior to honeycomb, but Google removed it and added under expanded view. I want to do this functionality in my custom rom, so how do i achieve it. Any thoughts around this ?.

posted Jun 28, 2013 by anonymous

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+1 vote

I have created a custom status bar ( keeping all the files same as phone statusbar (, but with some tweaks in layout files specific to my requirements (shuffling of some icons, color etc..). It compiles fine and i build the the ROM with no errors.
When i launch the emulator (generic), it shows my custom status bar (need to modify SystemUIService to point to my status bar instead of phone status bar), but when i long press on status bar to drag down the expanded view to see notifications it never happens, never drags down the status bar window view.
Any body knows what am i missing here ?
Are there any configurations that need to handled for custom status bar specific so as to work same as phone status bar?

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Can I hide or show application icon in installed list automatically? I know two way to make this.
1. Remove below intent filter in manifest file.
2. Using Launcher to hide.

But, I wanna control by my web service in any Android desktop, so i can make it depend on any Launcher module.

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I have encountered a problem about MTP/PTP device icon.

Usually, when the device in MTP mode,the device icon in PC(windows 7) is a portable device. When the device in PTP mode,the device icon in PC(windows 7) is a camera type device. But, now when my phone in PTP mode,the device icon in PC(windows 7) is also a portable device.

I am sure that the device runs in PTP mode because of only DCIM/pictures dirs in portable device .but the device icon is not camera type icon. Now,I want to change the device icon when the device runs in ptp mode.

How to custom MTP/DEVICE device icon? Can give me some suggestions?

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I just wanted to know why is SystemUI part of framework. What was the thinking process of Google to put SystemUI in framework.The reason behind asking this question was, that i just moved out the SystemUI from frameworks/base and placed in the packages/apps like any other system app e.g Calculator. It works fine on the emulator after building it.

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