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Target MME selection in S1-handover?

+1 vote

In case of S1-handover the source MME gets the TA and the target enodeB id in the Handover required message. How is the target-MME decided from this?

posted Jul 31, 2014 by Pardeep Kohli

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1 Answer

+1 vote

UE mobility is managed by MME in term of tracking area's. An MME manages a large geographical location in term of TAs (i.e. tracking area). So when source MME receives handover required message for an UE, which is moving towards a target cell that is belong to a different tracking area which is not managed by source MME. Then source mme sends S10 handover message towards the target MME by using the "Forward Relocation Request" message.

In short, Tracking area is a key for target MME selection. Source MME may support static and dynamic configurable. It is up to the vendor how they want to manager their network.

Waiting for others to respond.

answer Jul 31, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
The source enodeB passes all the information to the source MME in the Handover Required Message. Info like absence of X2 interface, no direct forwarding available & so the data need to be tunneled via SGW, bearers for data forwarding and also TAI (Tracking Area Identity). The source MME checks whether it is capable of serving this particular TAI or not. If yes, Forward Relocation procedure is skipped else a suitable target MME is selected using the TAI.
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Please provide reference also if it is there ?

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Is there any IE exchanged during HO preparation phase? I am expecting that during X2 handover AS SECURITY INFO in UE context is very helpful? Is that or not?

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Does the S1-handover procedure always has to be change in MME ? As per spec it is mentioned MME changes during the S1 handover. But in a case where the source and target enodeB is served by same MME , but let say because of some network problem X2 interface is not available and source enodeB initiates a S1 handover procedure. How do we validate this scenario, as I don't see any call flow in the spec for this?

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I went through the call flow diagram that is shown in 23.401 specification and tried to understand data flow (down link and up link both) through indirect data tunnels. I was bit confused that's why post my query here.

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