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File open/save dialog sort order on fedora

0 votes

I reinstalled Fedora 18 with KDE and I notice a change in the order in which directories and files are displayed. In some applications, the sort is now case sensitive, so that all the initial capitals are listed before the initial lower case names. Previously, the names were sorted without case sensitivity.

I see this behavior in Firefox, Thunderbird, Acroread and others. There are other application where the file dialog sorts files using a case insensitive sort, like Dolphin, k3b, or kget.

I edited kdeglobals to add "Sort case insensitively=true" to the [KFileDialog Settings] section. This should be the default. It did not make any difference.

Any suggestions on how to set the file name sort order?

posted Jun 30, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Firefox and Thunderbird are for sure *not* KDE apllications these are GTK2 applications with *GNOME/GTK* dialogs from the very beginning

answer Jul 1, 2013 by anonymous
Is there some way to change the sort order for these dialogs?
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Other applications seem to have scrolling slowed somewhat when Firefox has many windows open. It looks to me like a memory swapping issue, but I have no evidence beyond my gut. Right now Firefox has 30 tabs open on all its windows. Performance is bad, though not intolerable.

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I am using Fedora 20, subversion 1.8.5-2. In ~/.subversion/config I have

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svn: E200009: Can't set 'svn:eol-style': file '/data/mysvn/trunk/my.xml' has binary mime type property

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It's no longer in /etc/sysconfig/iptables.

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I have migrated my home directory (basically copy/pasted) from a 10.04 system to a new system running 12.04 freshly installed. An annoying thing I've noticed is that certain file selection dialogs (open/save) are not remembering their size and sort preferences. for example, in both firefox and libreoffice, whenever I go to open or save a file, the dialog box always opens in an oversize window that is beyond the bounds of my screen. As such, I have to resize it everytime in order to use the dialog box and click on the "OK" or "Cancel" buttons.

Additionally, the file listing is always sorted by modification time, so i have to tell it to sort by name each time.

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