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GoogleEarth installation problem on Fedora18

0 votes

So, I decided to try installing GoogleEarth (GE) for the first time ever. I found the following:

and tried it the following:

% wget -c
% sudo yum localinstall google-earth-stable_current_x86_64.rpm 

But I got the following:

Transaction Check Error: file /usr/bin from install of google-earth-stable-
conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.1-2.fc18.x86_64


posted Jun 30, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Best answer

Note the line relating to the installation. :)

yum install ./foobar.rpm
man 8 yum - localinstall     ¦ This command is maintained for legacy reasons only.
rpm -ivh --noscripts --excludepath /usr/bin  google-earth-stable_current_x86_64.rpm
xdg-desktop-menu install /opt/google/earth/free/google-earth.desktop
answer Jun 30, 2013 by anonymous
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