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LTE: Which system information block is used to broadcast MBMS related information ?

+4 votes
LTE: Which system information block is used to broadcast MBMS related information ?
posted Jul 26, 2014 by Harshita

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1 Answer

0 votes

System Information Block 2 and System Information Block 13 carries MBMS related information.
SIB2 mainly contains generic information like MBSFN subframes information . This information helps to UE where to look into spectrum for MBMS services.


SystemInformationBlockType2 ::= SEQUENCE {
ac-BarringInfo SEQUENCE {
ac-BarringForEmergency BOOLEAN,
ac-BarringForMO-Signalling AC-BarringConfig OPTIONAL, -- Need OP
ac-BarringForMO-Data AC-BarringConfig OPTIONAL -- Need OP
} OPTIONAL, -- Need OP
radioResourceConfigCommon RadioResourceConfigCommonSIB,
ue-TimersAndConstants UE-TimersAndConstants,
freqInfo SEQUENCE {
ul-CarrierFreq ARFCN-ValueEUTRA OPTIONAL, -- Need OP
ul-Bandwidth ENUMERATED {n6, n15, n25, n50, n75, n100}
additionalSpectrumEmission AdditionalSpectrumEmission
mbsfn-SubframeConfigList MBSFN-SubframeConfigList OPTIONAL, -- Need OR
timeAlignmentTimerCommon TimeAlignmentTimer,
lateNonCriticalExtension OCTET STRING (CONTAINING SystemInformationBlockType2-v8h0-IEs) OPTIONAL, -- Need OP
[[ ssac-BarringForMMTEL-Voice-r9 AC-BarringConfig OPTIONAL, -- Need OP
ssac-BarringForMMTEL-Video-r9 AC-BarringConfig OPTIONAL -- Need OP
[[ ac-BarringForCSFB-r10 AC-BarringConfig OPTIONAL -- Need OP

SystemInformationBlockType2-v8h0-IEs ::= SEQUENCE {
multiBandInfoList SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxMultiBands)) OF AdditionalSpectrumEmission OPTIONAL, -- Need OR
nonCriticalExtension SystemInformationBlockType2-v9e0-IEs OPTIONAL -- Need OP

SystemInformationBlockType2-v9e0-IEs ::= SEQUENCE {
ul-CarrierFreq-v9e0 ARFCN-ValueEUTRA-v9e0 OPTIONAL, -- Cond ul-FreqMax
nonCriticalExtension SEQUENCE {} OPTIONAL -- Need OP


SystemInformationBlockType13-r9 ::= SEQUENCE {
mbsfn-AreaInfoList-r9 MBSFN-AreaInfoList-r9,
notificationConfig-r9 MBMS-NotificationConfig-r9,
lateNonCriticalExtension OCTET STRING OPTIONAL, -- Need OP

answer Jul 29, 2015 by Vikram Singh
Thanks Vikram for your input.
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