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LTE: What type of MCS is being used for MBMS data ?

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LTE: What type of MCS is being used for MBMS data ?
posted Apr 17, 2014 by Harshita

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1 Answer

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It is mainly Operator dependent parameter, how they have implemented their MBMS services. How they have targeted the MBMS customer. It was for per user or the guaranteed service or whatever.

MCS used in MBMS

So in precise manned these are the parameters on which the MBMS will select the modulation coding scheme.

For more details i recommend you to read this published paper

answer May 6, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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In case of UE specific data transmission MAC layer allocates radio resources on dynamic basis. When we say dynamic resource allocation it means in each TTI (subframe) different amount of data is sent over the over considering various factor QCI, amount of data buffered at RLC and available radio resource.
What about the MBMS data transmission. MBSFN subrames are fixed in radio frame for the MBMS data transmission. Is there really need of any dynamic resources allocation for the MBMS data comes from RLC layer or it is persistent since required modulation and coding other parameters are already known at the time of bearer establishment and these parameters does not change throughout the data transmission of MBMS data.

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My question is related to MTCH, which is nothing but multicast logical channel for data. What different function performed by MAC layer to send this type of data as compared to normal UE's data.

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MBMS Data receives from MBMS-GW to eNodeB module interfacing towards MBMS-GW. It removes GTP-U header and sends data to lower layer i.e RLC. As per my understanding so far, RLC does segmentation and re-assembling for the received upper layer PDU to make it fit into MAC PDU. Now I want to know, Does the same concept applicable for MBMS data also or for RLC it is transparent mode transmission.

Which format is used by RLC for the MBMS transmission ?

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One question came out and want to get answer for that just to avoid assumptions what I have.
A multiple MBMS services are being transmitted over the air through eNodeBs belong to one MBSFN Area. Here I considered all the eNodeBs belongs to that particular MBSFN area have maximum six sub frames of a radio frame to broadcast the content and all eNodeBs are doing.
In between some of the eNodeBs belong to same MBSFN Area get congested and out of 6 sub frames only two subframes are being used in those eNodeB.
My first question where exactly things will be affected ?
Another question, MBMS-GW will be sending data in same speed with same SYNC information. Since few eNodeBs are congested then how data will be transmitted ? Segmentation at eNodeB RLC may affect User experience since UE combines the data in MBMS case from all the neighboring eNodeBs and get better result in term of quality.
If one eNodeB is sending data without segmentation and the other one is sending with segmentation then How UE RLC will behave and what will be the user experience ?

Please ignore these question if segmentation and reassembling is not applicable for MBMS data transmission at RLC.