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Can not import files into svn repo

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I created a repo using svnadmin create in a dir called trunk (that's what your supposed to do, right?) The operation succeeded but the files that I want to version (c source which I should have versioned long ago.)

I can't seem to add to the repo. When the code is ready for alpha release I plan to host it on source forge but until then It's just me working on the code and my online connection is intermittent so I decided to create my repo locally.

posted Jul 15, 2014 by Anderson

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What command did you use to create the repository? Did that directory exist prior to running 'svnadmin create'? And what syntax are you using to import the source code into the repository?

1 Answer

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I created a repo using svnadmin create in a dir called trunk (that's what your supposed to do, right?)

No, you "svnadmin create" your repositories in a central place on your server. Then you configure your Subversion server (svnserve or mod_dav_svn) to serve those repositories. Then you import code into those repositories via the URLs exposed by your Subversion server. This and other basics of Subversion should be amply described in the SVN Book at

answer Jul 16, 2014 by Kaushik
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I was handed a dump file by a 3rd party and I am supposed to analyze it. I've got it loaded and can look at the log and do all the usual things without any apparent errors. But I notice that some revision numbers are missing.

How can this be?

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I'm trying to import our team's old subversion repository to git, but I'd like to retain the commit history. I tried 'git svn clone' but that only retrieves commits from the last copy onwards.

Because the svn setup is really bad, there is no way I can reproduce the "stdlayout" structure that 'git svn' likes, or any other structure where the trunk isn't a just few versions down from a copy.

Is there a way to have 'git svn' not do "--stop-on-copy" when fetching history? I'm perfectly fine with getting a simple linear history (because trying to do anything else with our svn setup will put our sanity in danger), but I couldn't find any documentation on how to do so.

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Is there a way to detect that current directory is the root of SVN repository by reading files into .svn directory ? I think "svn info" could be used for that. Problem is that some machines may not have access to "svn" command line (if using tortoise and svn is not in command PATH for example).

In case "svn info" (or any other command line) is the only way, what would be the proper way to do it ?

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We are using svn 1.6 - we tried merging from Trunk to a feature branch using svn merge (automatically). We just found out that some files are not updated with the merges but mergeinfo has already indicated and ci with the messages that those files are merged. We like to perform svn merge again using the same revision number from the trunk to the feature branch would svn refuse simply because it was merged "successfully" before ?

Are there side effects in applying svn merge again on the same revision numbers from the mergeinfo property ?

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We are tasked to move a code branch named "A" within SVN repo to Git. We also have trunk merges going on between "A" and trunk in SVN.Is it possible to set up with Git and SVN such that1) Trunk changes in SVN could be propagated to Git version control ?If not, how can we resolve this need with an efficient setup?

We don't think it is possible but we like to confirm.