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Python: How to make single PPT from two PPTs using pywin32

+2 votes

I have two powerpoints, which consists of images in each slide. I need to read each powerpoint, copy images from both powerpoint & paste these images into output powerpoint side by side.

How should I do this using python? The re-position of shapes seems to be difficult.

posted Jun 17, 2014 by Naveena Garg

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I'm trying to multiply two matrices that has different size.

import numpy as np

a = np.random.randn(4, 3)
b = np.random.randn(4, 1)

print a
print b

How should I multiply a and b so that the multipled matrix's size is 4*3?

I want to multiply matrix 'b' to each row of matrix 'a'.
So that if matrix a is
[[1, 2, 3],
[2, 3, 4]]
and b is
a*b is
[[2, 4, 6],
[4, 6 ,8]]

Plz help me, if possible, plz use numpy

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import datetime
datetime.datetime(2004, 8, 17, 17, 0)

Is there a way to know if the timestamp has a microseconds?

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I am Automating some repetitive works through Sikuli and Python scripting languages. I have multiple workflows. I need to schedule this script for every two hours. Can anyone guide me how to schedule the scripts for every two hours.

Is there any way to schedule the python programming through Task scheduler in windows platform.

My environment
Programming languages: Sikuli,Python

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I have a python script that is currently run from cron. We want to make it into a service so it can be controlled with service start/stop/restart.
Can anyone point me at site that has instructions on how to do this?

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