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Schedule a script for every two hours using Python Scheduling

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I am Automating some repetitive works through Sikuli and Python scripting languages. I have multiple workflows. I need to schedule this script for every two hours. Can anyone guide me how to schedule the scripts for every two hours.

Is there any way to schedule the python programming through Task scheduler in windows platform.

My environment
Programming languages: Sikuli,Python

posted Aug 7, 2015 by Ankit

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2 Answers

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The windows equivalent to a cron job is a scheduled task.

schtasks /create /tn calculate /tr calc /sc weekly /d MON /st 06:05 /ru "System"

Creates the task calculate, which starts the calculator(calc) every monday at 6:05 (should you ever need that.)

For your query you can try below:

schtasks create /tn /sc hourly /st 12:00 /ry "System"

Using curl with cmd.exe in Windows 7 (or Vista) with Task Scheduler

  1. Start Computer Management (Windows Key, right-click Computer, select Manage...)
  2. In right column, select Create Job...
  3. Fill in General tab.
  4. Under Triggers tab, select New..., then set the desired schedule, with repeat set in Advanced Options.
  5. Under Actions tab, select Start a program, the program is CMD.EXE. For the optional argument, enter /C "curl [link provided on the status report page]".
answer Aug 7, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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If using Windows 7 then use Task Scheduler.

Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler.

answer Aug 7, 2015 by Jagan Mishra
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