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Hadoop logs and mapred.local.dir

+2 votes

I have following queries with hadoop, please help me?
1. The size of mapred.local.dir is big(30 GB), how many methods could clean it correctly?
2. For logs of NameNode/DataNode/JobTracker/TaskTracker, are they all rolling type log? Whats their max size? I can not find the specific settings for them in
3. I find the size of and is very big now, are there any files under them could be removed actually? Or all files under the two folders could not be removed at all?

posted May 11, 2014 by Kumar Mitrasen

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Is it correct to say that in hadoop-2.2.0, the mapred-site.xml node "" is replaced by two new node "" and ""?

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I have ten disks per node,and I don't know what value I should set to "hadoop.tmp.dir". Some said this property refers to a location in local disk while some other said it refers to a directory in HDFS. I am confused, who can explain it ?

I want to spread I/O since I have ten disks per node, so should I set a comma-separated list of directories (which are on different disks) to "hadoop.tmp.dir" ?

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I have Hadoop cluster set up on Amazon EC2. When I am trying to access the application logs through Web UI I am getting page cant be displayed.

Configuration of Cluster: My Namenode is mapped with elastic IP(static) of EC2. Other datanodes public IP changing everyday as we are stopping the clustering during non working hours.

Observation :When I try to view the logs ,Its picking one of the datanode private IP and I am getting Page cant be displayed.

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