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Hadoop: Unable to view logs through Web UI + Amazon EC2

+1 vote

I have Hadoop cluster set up on Amazon EC2. When I am trying to access the application logs through Web UI I am getting page cant be displayed.

Configuration of Cluster: My Namenode is mapped with elastic IP(static) of EC2. Other datanodes public IP changing everyday as we are stopping the clustering during non working hours.

Observation :When I try to view the logs ,Its picking one of the datanode private IP and I am getting Page cant be displayed.

posted Jan 19, 2016 by anonymous

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Would anyone here be willing to walk me through setting this stuff up on Amazon Web Services?

I need to run MongoDB on an EC2 instance and connect to an EMR Hadoop cluster for a project, but I have never used any of this stuff (Mongo/Hadoop/the connector/AWS) before so its a bit overwhelming. I have downloaded the connector from Github so far.

I believe I need to run "gradlew jar" to build the jars (not really sure what those do either), but after that I am a bit lost. Have been searching for about a week now, but I cant find a good step-by-step process for this.

Please help..

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I have a small problem. I need to integrate Hadoop web interface with our web application . I just need an Hadoop interface where we can run some hadoop commands something like

1 cat hadoop dfs -cat prints the file contents
2 chgrp hadoop dfs -chgrp [-R] GROUP URI [URI …]
3 chmod hadoop dfs -chmod [-R] <MODE[,MODE]... | OCTALMODE> URI
4 hadoop dfsadmin -setSpaceQuota 10737418240 /user/esammer
5 hadoop dfsadmin -report
6 copyFromLocal hadoop dfs -copyFromLocal URI

for this need an web interface. I already installed cloudera manager. I am using this Version: Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition Trial 5.1.1 (#82 built by jenkins on 20140725-1608 git: cb9ebb729efc7929e1968b23dc6cf776086e20a7)

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I had installed tomcat 8 port 80 on Amazon AWS EC2, but netstat, fuser does show me tomcat on port 80. Browser gives 404 error and connection refused. I wrote to Amazon support for the misery...

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