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Tomcat: Different behaviour when start inside Eclipse

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When I start the Tomcat 7 by invoking via gnome-terminal I can reach the administration console while browsing localhost:8080. But when I start the same Tomcat inside the Eclipse although my web application is working properly when I browse localhost:8080/my_application/index.html, I get error 404 when I try browse localhost:8080. What is the difference about start process between Eclipse and

posted Jun 20, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The default webapps are not included when launching via eclipse. When adding a tomcat server in eclipse, it creates a catalina_base folder (most often under $eclipse_workspace/.metadata/wst.server.core/tmp$number) with no applications by default.

answer Jun 20, 2013 by anonymous
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Ive come into a strange problem using tomcat with one of our WAR file.The application works as a charm, but when using the manager to redeploy it, roughly one time out of two, the heap size explodes:

Please note that the _used_ heap does not - according to JVisualVM anyway. After that, everything hangs, and the tomcat stops responding, with CPU usage ranging from 60 to 100%. Also, this issue has been reproduced on several Tomcat version ranging from 7.0.32 to 8.0-RC5, and on several machines (all Windows though).

Could anyone direct me to the clues to look for?