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Trouble building AR

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I'm having trouble building GCC. I've decompressed GCC 4.7.2 source into a directory and binutils 2.21.1 into a directory in parallel with symbolic links to all subdirectories. I ran the contrib script to get all other dependencies and then ran GCC's configure in a parallel directory, following all installation instructions. It builds just fine but when I install it AR seems to be missing. Any idea what happened to it and how to get it?

Looks like it's supposed to be built with binutils and I'm getting other tools from it like LD just not that one. There is a program called gcc-ar that seems to exist but not sure if it's the same tool? It may appear if I build binutils by itself but I'm trying to build them together so that I can get -flto optimization to work, as apparently GCC balks at using the linker plugin if they weren't built together.

posted Jun 18, 2013 by anonymous

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This is the command that I used:

    ../gcc-4.7.2/configure --prefix=/tools/gcc-4.7.2 --enable-static
    make -j10
    make install

My directory structure looks like this:

    /binutils-2.21.1 // linked all directories in gcc-4.7.2
    /x86_64 // configure called from here

I wiped the directory x86_64 clean and tried again and this time it seems to have worked so I guess it was a fluke. Maybe I shouldn't be compiling in parallel?

Now I'm getting a different error though when using the compiler:

    collect2: fatal error: cannot find 'ld'

My compile command is this:

    /tools/gcc-4.7.2/bin/g++ -o myExec -Xlinker -R /tools/gcc-4.7.2/lib64
    -static -L/tools/gcc-4.7.2/lib64  -lnsl -ldl
    -Wl,--wrap,open -Wl,--wrap,close -Wl,--wrap,lseek -Wl,--wrap,write
    -Wl,--wrap,printf -Wl,--wrap,puts -Wl,--wrap,vfprintf -Wl,--wrap,fputc
    -Wl,--wrap,putchar -flto -O3 -mtune=generic -fuse-linker-plugin
    -L/tools/gcc-4.7.2/lib64 -lm -lstdc++ -lsupc++

ld exists in the target path:

    -rwxr-xr-x 4   6238594 Jun 18 16:06 /tools/gcc-4.7.2/bin/ld

strace shows a number of stat calls before GCC exists but not to this path or LD at all. Seems to be looking for ld-new and real-ld. I don't see either of those in the installed directory (/tools/gcc-4.7.2) but
I see a few instances of ld-new in the build directory (/x86_64 above: ./prev-ld/ld-new, ./stage1-ld/ld-new, and ./ld/ld-new). Any idea what's wrong now?

2 Answers

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Tell us exactly how you ran configure.
It's not clear from the above: did you build the binutils also, or did you only build GCC?

answer Jun 18, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes

I'm just guessing but try removing your gcc object directory, while not touching your installed binutils, and build again. These days GCC looks for the linker at configure time and it may not have found it when you ran your configure.

answer Jun 19, 2013 by anonymous
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