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Searching for a source table in search criteria in Source analyser in Informatica PowerCenter

+3 votes

I have to import a specific source table from the source database. I could see only a few schemas and not all (as there are thousands of), hence could not select desired table, so I am specifying the table in search box. But it does not show up anything. I tried using schema.tablename and different combinations but in vain. Infact, when I try searching for the tables that are already visible, they doesn't show up. Where am I going wrong in searching for a specific table? ANy help is appreciated!

posted Apr 17, 2014 by Rohini Agarwal

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1 Answer

0 votes

In the Import Tables dialog window change Onwer name to the name of the schema that contains the table.

The Select tables tree view shows tables from a single schema specified in Onwer name field and, by default, this value is set to the username used to establish the connection.

answer Apr 22, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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+1 vote

Can anyone of you please elaborate on how to map the informatica for the inserts and updates to the target from source table?

I appreciate it, if you explain with example.

0 votes

I have the following table with the shown data in it:

send_date | household_ID

11-20-2014 | 123
11-20-2014 | 456
11-15-2014 | 789

I need to do 2 things:

1) Calculate the max value for send_date

2) Filter out any rows whose send_date does not match that value

In other words, I want the output to be:

send_date | household_ID

11-20-2014 | 123
11-20-2014 | 456

Row number 3 should be filtered out as its send_date is not the max.

I tried creating an aggregate, grouping by all columns, and creating a new output port called MAX_DATE with an expression of MAX(SEND_DATE), then have a filter transformation with the condition MAX_DATE = SEND_DATE

This lets all rows through, though. What can I do to make this work....

0 votes

Using Informatica designer, is there a way to run a complex SELECT statement as-is against a source database, and workflow it into a target table? For example, SQL Server Integration Services makes it really easy to create source/target connections, paste your source SQL, and map the results to the target table. When the package is run, SQL runs against the source, and results are dumped into the target.

Is something like that available in Informatica?

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