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UE is bound to send the CQI reports?

+3 votes

What if for a specific energy efficient application, I want to get rid of the periodic CQI reporting by the UE? Is it possible to do that?

posted Mar 28, 2014 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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1 Answer

+1 vote

The UE reporting type is set by eNB over RRCConnectionReconfiguration message. The eNB may configure the UE to report CQI periodically (as well as the reporting period) or aperiodically or both (i.e. periodic and aperiodic) or no reports at all. It’s always up to configuration of the eNB and also the configuration may be changed over time.

answer Mar 29, 2014 by Samardeep Acharya
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If ENB configures some measurement event say A1,A2,A3 etc, take e.g A2 event threshhold as -100Dbm, and serving cell thrs crosses -100 then UE will send A2, after this event UE is still facing signal strength as -100dB over a long period, will UE sends second time A2 event or only once?

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