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Invaria Technologies is hiring as Software Development Engineer (1-5 Years of experience required)

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20 Yr

Company: Invaria
Position: Software Development Engineer
Job location: Central Europe
Note: Locations are subject to change.
Event date: 29 Mar 2014
Last date: 26 Mar 2014
Experience Required: 1 Year to 5 Year

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- BTech/MTech 2013/2012/2011/2010 batch
- Preferably from CS/IT/ECE/Telecom
- Should be working in Telecom company in Development. Knowledge of various Telecom protocols specially TCP/IP, VOIP, SIP, etc. is essential
- Very Good in Programming in C and Linux. Knowledge of SQL, PHP, PERL advantageous

Job Description:
- It is a core product development job and will be an integral part of our client product development team. Our client is a next gen telecom software company providing Unified Telecom Solutions / Products
- Our clients entire technology stack is primarily opensource. They use C, Linux (various flavours), MySQL, PhP, Perl, Javascript, etc.
- Knowledge of various Telecom protocols will be an added advantage especially TCP/IP, VOIP, etc.

Additional Details:
- Selected candidate will be trained by our clients extensively over the coming months
- It is expected that the candidate will need / mentally plan to live in Europe for long term. We don't want candidates who want short term assignments
- Candidate should basically be passionate programmers, passionate about technology and fundamentally strong. They should have the attitude to pick up any programming language and start coding
- They should not have hang ups about – “I only want to code in C” and not in any other language or have any perception that “I only want to be on the systems side and not apps side”
- They should be flexible to the demands of the business
- They should have good communication skills

How to Apply:

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About Company

Invaria Technologies is a New Generation company which provides high quality life-cycle product development services to global software companies. At Invaria, we are totally committed to delivering quality of the highest standards by nurturing teams that are deeply technical, constantly exploring beyond the boundaries.

Invaria Tech is uniquely positioned to deliver these quality services to global software corporations through it’s multiple, flexible operating models; be it from its global product & services development centers based in India or delivery centers located in house at client locations or simply through a model of deploying some of its quality technical talent to work on building high quality software products.

Invaria can help companies develop quality products faster, achieve a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace, improve margins substantially and thereby increase its customer’s shareholder value.
posted Mar 24, 2014 by anonymous

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You get a chance to review the functional specifications before it is implemented. The potential for gaining database domain knowledge is unlimited.
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Who we need:
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Good relational database fundamentals/concepts
Knowledge of a programming language C/C++/Java/Perl
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Willing to learn and validate new features of forthcoming release of Oracle database server


Key Skills : Unix shell, Perl, java script, c ++ or java, developer, product development, engineer, computer science, electrical, technology, research, engineering.
Qualification : Any Graduate
Specialization : Quality Assurance / Testing , Software Engineer

Job Description
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• Analyses assigned project's environment, architecture, and interdependencies to determine and apply appropriate test methodologies and cases relative to applications being tested within scope of assignments, installs, configures and maintains the hardware and software test environment

• Assists in formulating test plans under peer review, designs, develops, and executes reusable and maintainable automated scripts and functional and system level testing to verify the functionality, accuracy and efficiency of developed or enhanced software products across various platforms; applies understanding of issues that may arise around automated/load testing

• Analyses testing results; identifies, isolates, interprets, and reports defects; acquires complete set of relevant data so the problem can be accurately characterized and updates bug database
• Is familiar with, and follows, prescribed software engineering and test processes and procedures
• Meets or exceeds standards for the quality and timeliness of the work products that they create (e.g., test plans and cases); contributes to the integrity of technical work on moderately complex projects

Qualifications and Requirements
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• Understanding of release procedures, test methodologies, QA process and software defect tracking and understanding of automated test processes; proficiency in writing and executing test cases

• Knowledge of testing product quality in software requirements for features and system qualities (including performance and security), product design, software design, estimates, source code, test plans, unit test harnesses, software and system performance data, software product information and bug fixes

• Knowledge of one or more object oriented languages (e.g., C++ or Java), and one or more scripting languages (e.g., Unix shell, PERL, Java script); knowledge of OOAD principles and methodologies (e.g., UML), networking and OS concepts

• Strong knowledge of Windows as well as native application (Mac OS and UNIX knowledge is a plus);
• Hands on experience in Automation tools and techniques
• Good understanding of web based software/protocols and database concepts
• Knowledge of Internet technologies (e.g., HTML, XML, TCP/IP) highly desired

Job Segment: Developer, Product Development, Engineer, Computer Science, Electrical, Technology, Research, Engineering..