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Oracle is hiring Member Technical Staff for Bangalore location (1-3 Years of Experience)

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Job Type

Not Specified

Min Experience

0 Yr

Max Experience

20 Yr

Job Description:-
The Functional / Cross-functional test development group ensures customers get the highest quality on our flagship product, The Oracle Database. Every release more and more complex features are added to the database, which in many cases need a specialized test framework to be designed & developed. All the test scenarios / applications need to be fully automated, starting from the setup to the final result verification. This is very important, since running of tests is scheduled by an automated system. Our automated test framework runs 5000+ hours worth of tests every day. To-date we have developed over 430,000 test scenarios validating over 17 million lines of code with a good code coverage

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Roles and responsibilities:
People joining this team will be part of a worldwide-distributed group that is challenged to create database product usage scenarios, simulating real life problems by interleaving appropriate features and developing test applications and tools to ensure that customers get the highest quality database.

Growth opportunities:
Exposure to the database / clusterware internals with full access to the database kernel source code.
You get a chance to review the functional specifications before it is implemented. The potential for gaining database domain knowledge is unlimited.
Develop expertise in the very technologies that are critical for Oracle customers, rather than dwell only on mastering programming languages.
You will be working with the best of class in Database design and development.
Exposure to one of the best product development processes
We use a variety of programming languages depending on the areas we need to work on C, C++, Java, Jython, Perl to mention a few. In most cases, you will be free to choose what is best for your test application.

Who we need:
Individuals with sound CS background with fresh perspectives. We encourage experimentation with new ideas and new technologies.
Good relational database fundamentals/concepts
Knowledge of a programming language C/C++/Java/Perl
Good Analytical and Problem solving skills
Willing to learn and validate new features of forthcoming release of Oracle database server

How to Apply:

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posted Mar 10, 2014 by anonymous

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Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech, M.E./M.Tech, MCA

Job Location: Bangalore

Desired Skill Set:

• Pursuing Bachelors, Master’s Degree or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent.
• Completed coursework in operating systems, computer architecture, compilers or networking, Distributed system, Data mining, Web development, User Interface design.
• Knowledge in one of the following: C, Java or C++.
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Event date: 10 Jun 2014

Last date: 04 Jun 2014

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Skills Required:

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  • Excellent pH score
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Job Description:

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