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LTE: What does the use of "selectedPLMN-Identity" IE in RRC ConnectionSetupComplete message ?

+3 votes
LTE: What does the use of "selectedPLMN-Identity" IE in RRC ConnectionSetupComplete message ?
posted Mar 19, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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1 Answer

+2 votes

selectedPLMN-Identity: This IE points to a PLMN-Id in the plmn-IdentityList of SIB1 (System Information Block).

The *plmn-IdentityList* IE is transmitted in SIB1 when the cell belong to more than one PLMN.The value of this IE equals to ‘1’ if the 1st PLMN is selected from the plmn-IdentityList included in SIB1, ‘2’ if the 2nd PLMN is selected from the *plmn-IdentityList* included in SIB1 and so on.

answer Mar 19, 2014 by Bart Barton
Thanks Bart Barton to provide the your answer. But I have asked, what is the significance of presence of this IE in RRC Connection Setup Complete message ? And What eNodeB does with this received IE ?
Have no idea what your question is about then, because this is the meaning of this IE in Conn Setup Complete msg.

Maybe this will tell you more
If a cell is shared by multiple PLMN operators,Inorder to identity the UE is belongs to which PLMN operator & billing is done based on the PLMN ID.
If UE not shared selected PLMN id,then eNB having confusion for which PLMN the UE belongs to avoid those issues UE selects& shares the selected PLMNId...
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It may be an easy question but still I have some doubt.
How RRC Connection setup procedure gets impacted with the presence of "S-TMSI" as an UE-Identity within the RRC Connection Request message ?
Note: RRC Connection request message can carry either 5 bytes long (S-TMSI) or 5 bytes long random value.

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In release 9 of 3GPP 36.331 specification, a new IE "rlf-InfoAvailable-r9" has been introduced in rrc re-establishment complete message. Can anyone please explain this ?

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