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LTE: What does significance of presence of rlf-InfoAvailable-r9 in RRC-reestablishment Complete message ?

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In release 9 of 3GPP 36.331 specification, a new IE "rlf-InfoAvailable-r9" has been introduced in rrc re-establishment complete message. Can anyone please explain this ?

posted Dec 9, 2013 by Harshita

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1 Answer

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rlf-InfoAvailable-r10 ,

This Message is used to indicate to the network that the UE has some information relating to the RL Failure that occurred.

The UE will send the information back in the response.

It should be noted that this UEInformationRequest and Response messages were introduced part of Release-9 but there has been since some updates in Release-10. The Response message now looks as follows:

RLF-Report-r9 ::=      SEQUENCE {
 measResultLastServCell-r9    SEQUENCE {
  rsrpResult-r9       RSRP-Range,
  rsrqResult-r9       RSRQ-Range   OPTIONAL
 measResultNeighCells-r9    SEQUENCE {
  measResultListEUTRA-r9    MeasResultList2EUTRA-r9   OPTIONAL,
  measResultListUTRA-r9    MeasResultList2UTRA-r9   OPTIONAL,
  measResultListGERAN-r9    MeasResultListGERAN    OPTIONAL,
  measResultsCDMA2000-r9    MeasResultList2CDMA2000-r9  OPTIONAL
 [[ locationInfo-r10    LocationInfo-r10  OPTIONAL,
  failedPCellId-r10      CHOICE {
   cellGlobalId-r10      CellGlobalIdEUTRA,
   pci-arfcn-r10       SEQUENCE {
    physCellId-r10       PhysCellId,
    carrierFreq-r10       ARFCN-ValueEUTRA
  }                OPTIONAL,
  reestablishmentCellId-r10  CellGlobalIdEUTRA    OPTIONAL,
  timeConnFailure-r10    INTEGER (0..1023)    OPTIONAL,
  connectionFailureType-r10  ENUMERATED {rlf, hof}   OPTIONAL,
  previousPCellId-r10    CellGlobalIdEUTRA    OPTIONAL
answer Dec 9, 2013 by Giri Prasad
well explained
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