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What advantages companies get when they make their product as OpenSource ?

+1 vote

What type of solutions can be considered for the OpenSource ? As per my understanding, if there are no many solutions are available in industry for same requirement then companies can make their product OpenSource if their product is not in demand or in other terms if they are not getting business from that.
Please share some thoughts.

posted Nov 19, 2016 by Harshita

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Big vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and others have carrier grade EPC and deployed for many operators.
I am looking for open source EPC software with minimum feature.
I got one reference as below but not yet tried.
As per the description, it seems software is just a simulator.

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I am looking for any open source software to convert text to video, any suggestions?

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I am looking for text to speech software
espeak is functional, but it's quality isn't particularly strong.

Any suggestion, both free and paid is fine...

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There is a possibility on one controller multiple people are working and all of them have login credentials of controller node. Assume someone is editing one playbook but he/she does not let others to see the changes. Is there any way in Ansible by which a user can stop others to edit/read the file ?

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