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Repository arrangements in GIT

0 votes

Where there is a small team, say 3 or 4 developers, is it acceptable practice to pull direct from each other's repositories?

Or is it considered better (strongly advised?) to have an overall bare repository to which commits are pushed, and then pulled by each of the developers?

posted Jun 13, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

There is no special restriction on this (pull or fetch) to share branches between each other.

You can't push to a checked out branch though, as that is likely to be a conflict (there could be changes in the checked out work tree, even if the push was a fast forward) at the destination/remote end. In such
cases (fighting to push first) the central bare repo has benefits.

It is still worth having a central team repo (bare) so that you have implicit backup and can agree on it being the 'blessed repo' that has all the usual benefits.

answer Jun 13, 2013 by anonymous
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