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How to add my local repository files to a server repository in Git

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I have a local repository and want to change the master branch to a server git. (I just don't want to delete all files in repository and then clone the server files)How to do that? I guess I have to fetch server data into local directory, merge an push it. Can someone please explain me how to do?

posted Sep 13, 2013 by Garima Jain

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Do you want to copy the branch master state of your remote repository to your local branch master? If yes, you can do it using the command: git reset --hard origin/master, With that you will lose all changes that are in your local branch but not in your remote branch.
You are right, i want  to copy the branch master state of my remote repository to my local branch master and i I think the command is what Im looking for.  
But what to do before? Must i go into the local branch and then fetch from server?For example I have a local repository in directory "mylocal".  (It was a cvs ckecked out directory, now I init a git repository in it) cd mylocalgit remote add myserver user@myserver:/var/www/server_gitfetch myservergit reset --hard origin/master
Is it correct?
You are correct. Just clean every file in your mylocal directory before using the commands.

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