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In case of inter-operator movement of a user. How charging happens ?

+5 votes

My query is, suppose i have x-operator connection but in an particular area X-network is not present so operator has made a deal with Y-operator. That is in this area X-network is not there kindly provide the network to my users when they are present here. Y-network will give the resources.

The point is how the charging takes place in this case of inter-operator movement?

posted Mar 14, 2014 by Aarati Mahajan

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1 Answer

+1 vote

I would say there is no difference in the scenario you described and in scenario with roaming.

So based on description given I will answer exactly the same way how it happens in roaming.

Now, depends on the roaming agreement we can see few roaming architectures
- scenario with home routed traffic local breakout, with home
- operator's application functions only local breakout, with home
- visitor's application functions only

Check the Fig. 2, Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 in

answer Mar 20, 2014 by Bart Barton
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