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How do define a new theme and override the alert dialog style in framework in Android?

+1 vote

I want to define a new theme in framework, and override the alert dialog style. Please help...

posted Mar 11, 2014 by Naveena Garg

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I need to show a dialog (more like a horizontal bar) on press of a custom Key (on my custom device powered by Android). This dialog should appear on top of any other application(say "A") that might be running when the Key is pressed.
The app "A" should keep on running and its UI should be visible (i.e the app "A: should not go to "_onPause_()"). It should work something similar to_ SystemUI_'s volume change dialog when Volume Hard Keys are pressed. I want to make minimum changes in framework.
My understanding is that I need to make changes in _PhoneWindowManager.java_ to handle the press of custom Key, which will then call my app residing in application layer, which will just inflate the dialog.
Would this work? If so, is there a better way to implement it? If not, how can I implement this?

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I want to create an alertbox whenever any app creates an camera object. But I am not able to access to activity in frameworks/base/core/java/android/hardware/ to create an alertbox.

Could you help me out how can I capture activity related to camera in frameworks/base/core/java/android/hardware/

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I am writing a messaging app in android studio. When I hit the send button it should show me the option to select a sim card if the device has dual sim. If not it should not show the dialog box and should select the default by its own. What should be used for this scenario?

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I am doing some changes in frameworks/base/, so i just wanted to know whether there is a faster process of building it. Currently what i follow is very slow i.e. I do

$ make -j4 installclean // which cleans *.img files from the /out folder
$ make -j4

and finally it creates all *.img. So apart from the above process, is there a way for a single line of change can be built fast ?