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Is there a PyGame tutorial out there?

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Is there a PyGame tutorial out there? I've seen TheNewBoston's tuts, but he didn't finish his. MetalX100 did a VERY good tutorial. I've been having trouble with some player movement because he isn't moving smoothly, he jumps. If I add 5 pixels to his X position if I press a button, jumps to the next 5 pixels instead of smoothly moving. If I just add 5 pixels normally, he moves smooth.

posted Jun 11, 2013 by anonymous

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Try typing "pygame tutorial" into your favourite search and see what comes back, you might be pleasantly surprised.

1 Answer

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There is a whole list of tutorials here:
and here:

answer Jun 11, 2013 by anonymous
I looked at those and they didn't cover the sprite thing I'd like :P
Also, is there a specific forum for PyGame or is here fine?
Go to and click the link "Help (irc, lists)" in the navigation menu. I could give you the direct link, but I want to point out that this stuff is readily available on the pygame website, if you would bother to look.
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• Pygame - As far as I know it's dead and has been for almost a year
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• Cocos2D - Won't install and cant find any support
• PyCap - Can't find any documentation
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Any help on what to do with this would be appreciated. I am making games mainly in Lua but I'd like to make one in Python for fun. I also understand that Python isn't exactly the *BEST* choice programming a game, but I have heard it is possible. Tell me if it's true. Thanks!

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