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Do people really use gaming laptops?

+1 vote

Gaming Laptops are very expensive and powerful. We know that playing a game is only for entertainment and fun. So,. do people spend money to use/buy these types of computer just for "playing games"?!.. Do they take Gaming that much 'Serious' task. I mean is there any hidden benefits in game playing? What makes gaming industry so popular?

posted Sep 9, 2017 by Jithin Ks

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1 Answer

+1 vote

There are three questions -
1. Do people spend money to use/buy these types of computer just for "playing games"?
2. Do they take Gaming that much 'Serious' task. I mean is there any hidden benefits in game playing?
3. What makes gaming industry so popular?

Gaming industry is not dependent on the gaming computer/laptop but on the mobile device or tablets for low end games and gaming consoles (VR/AR) for the high end games.

Though I would not say that gaming is beneficial as its harmful impacts are more then its benefits. Some of the benifits are Improvements in basic visual contrast sensitivity, Improved spatial attention in few cases, Improved ability to track moving objects in a field of distractors, Reduced impulsiveness, overcoming dyslexia, Improved ability to engage in multiple tasks simultaneously, Increased mental flexibility, Reversing mental decline that accompanies aging and Improvements in job-related skills.

For me gaming industry is more popular then films and music (dont have the data but I guess spend on the gaming must be more then films and music), simple answer is interactiveness and addictiveness.

answer Sep 10, 2017 by Salil Agrawal
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I have developed few android applications. I was wondering how would I develop android games with eclipse or android studio. I don't want to use any third party ide for development. I need native development.

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Is there a PyGame tutorial out there? I've seen TheNewBoston's tuts, but he didn't finish his. MetalX100 did a VERY good tutorial. I've been having trouble with some player movement because he isn't moving smoothly, he jumps. If I add 5 pixels to his X position if I press a button, jumps to the next 5 pixels instead of smoothly moving. If I just add 5 pixels normally, he moves smooth.

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I was planning on making a small 2D game in Python. Are there any libraries for this? I know of:

• Pygame - As far as I know it's dead and has been for almost a year
• PyOgre - Linux and Windows only(I do have those, but I want multi-platform)
• Cocos2D - Won't install and cant find any support
• PyCap - Can't find any documentation
• Panda3D - Dead since 2011 + overkill for what I need
• PyOpenGL - Overkill

Any help on what to do with this would be appreciated. I am making games mainly in Lua but I'd like to make one in Python for fun. I also understand that Python isn't exactly the *BEST* choice programming a game, but I have heard it is possible. Tell me if it's true. Thanks!

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