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Create sitemap for ajax crawlable website (with hashchange links)? Is there a online portal to facilitate that?

+7 votes

I have just launched a website at , Its main asset is Technical Discussion Forum. It totally based on hashchange links. I want to create sitemap(XML File) for my website and submit to Google. Is there anyone that know how to do that? Or is there any online service providers??

posted Feb 4, 2014 by Manoj Akondi

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Not sure what you are looking into -
Look at this link this is sitemap for QueryHome

Sitemap is a standard structure and you can use but I would suggest to create your own as you will have a better control...
Thank you sir. I already visited the site that you mentioned. But Its not helpful. If you can visit my website and observe the links behavior, I will be grateful. The links in discussion forum are dynamic. So, I need to update the sitemap dynamically and also online sitemap creators does not support hash links.
Thats exactly I am saying as QueryHome is also dynamic so online tools will not help, you can see the structure of sitemap of queryhome which will tell you how it looks like (in case you don't know), and you need to code.
You can suggest students to use QueryHome at csiitn they may discuss, search jobs and can get benefited.
Thank you sir.

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The browser i am using is google chrome. I also tested it in internet explorer and firefox too. But result is same. The post method is working fine for the same rest endpoint, but when i am trying to execute delete method on the same endpoint, it's throwing error with http status code 209 with the reason "failed to form full key for endpoint".

This is how the i am sending the delete request.

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The POST method:

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Need help. I have already spent the day on this but not able to find the solution for this. I also tried to append the data params with the url but that too didn't worked.

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Please give the example for both.

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