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Difference between MBR and PBR * BSD?

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What is the difference between MBR and PBR*BSD..

posted Jan 29, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The idea behind prioritized bit rate is to support for each bearer, including low priority non-GBR bearers, a minimum bit rate in order to avoid a potential starvation. Each bearer should at least get enough resources in order to achieve the prioritized bit rate (PRB).

MBR i.e. Maximum Bit Rate is to restrict the traffic flow in a particular bearer. If the traffic exceeds this then it will be dropped. ( MBR does not apply to non-GBR bearers, only GBR bearers.)

MBR is only for GBR bearer where is PBR is for GBR and non-GBR both so they can not be equated theoretically.

answer Jan 29, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
thanks for your reply, I would request you to  clear my following doubts -

As per you PBR is for both GBR and non-GBR bearers, so PBR we can defined as minimum bit rate for the bearer.

But when we talk about GBR bearer then GBR is the minimum bit rate that a particular bearer can send.

so in case of GBR bearer my questions are -
1.) what is a difference between PBR and GBR as both defines the minimum bit rate for GBR bearer?
2.) what do we exact mean by guaranteed bit rate? suppose for a GBR bearer the GBR rate is = 8kbps, so does it mean that at particular ms scheduler should guarantee 8bits to send atleast for this bearer? and if this so then what is the need of PBR here?
3.) MBR also means to restrict the traffic flow in a particular bear and (PBR *BSD) also means same? then how i can differentiate these two values?

for NON-GBR bearer -
1.) how do the RRC or upper layers calculate the value of PBR for this bearer?
Check this patent for PBR detail (The PBR is the data rate provided to one logical channel before allocating any transmission resource to a lower-priority logical channel)**********A1

Feel free to ping in case it does not clear the doubts....
Most of the information on the web is from this patent only...
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