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Does MediaServer process every reboot volntarily on Android

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What if MediaServer's main thread is kept busy during MediaPlayerService::instantiate.I Mean what if there was a while loop in one of them.Will android be able to trigger a watchdog or reboot only that process ?

posted Jun 6, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

mediaserver process, which contains media player service and other media-related services,is forked by init. If init notices that mediaserver process has exited, then it re-forks it.
As far as I know, init does not do anything if mediaserver process is still running, but is not behaving properly(for example, one of it's threads is in a CPU-bound infinite loop). In other words, there is no watchdog on mediaserver process.

answer Jun 6, 2013 by anonymous
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For my project I need to know that - is there a way to log or capture the cause of android reboot, whether user manually powered off / rebooted the devices or wether system_server got restarted by adb kill or it was watchdog who restarted the device.

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I made an app (Java based, without JNI stuff), to stress our android device. It does some intensive work and /sdcard IO writes (They are 60 threads) all of them are with FOREGROUND priority.

After a couple of minutes appeared crashes in different places (system_server - FinalizerDaemon timeouts) and then the Watchdog rebooted the device with message Watchdog killing system process: null.

I tested it also on Nexus 7 and other android devices in production, the behavior is the SAME. It seems that some apk, can overload the system and to reboot the user-space.

Is this behavior (under high pressure/load from FOREGROUND threads) is by design in android Jelly-Bean and are there any plans for some remedy for this situation.

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