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Deleting primary external storage in android multiuser framework

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I wanted to know how external primary storage is created and removed in multiuser android framework. When a new user is created the framework creates a folder with userid in /mnt/shell/emulated eg: /mnt/shell/emulated/10 and MediaProvider creates DCIM, Alarms etc folders inside 10 in createDefaultFolders function.

I am trying to mount this 10 folder over itself using ecryptfs when user is created so that the data written to it is encrypted. When the user is removed I unmount 10 using ecryptfs. Then when I go to /mnt/shell/emulated and list files I don't see 10 folder. But when I do mkdir 10 there it says File Exists. So I need to trace if there is an error in removing encrypted files. Which process or service removes these folders? I also noticed there is a bind mount for oob for each new user. This links /mnt/shell/emulated/obb to /mnt/shell/emulated/10/obb. This mount is done after I mount ecryptfs over /mnt/shell/emulated/10 which means that obb mount point will also b encrypted. I am not sure if this is interfering with the folder removal process. How do I track where the removal is failing?

posted Jun 5, 2013 by anonymous

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I'm trying to get my sdcard to automount on my nexus 10 through USB OTG cable. I can manually mount it and it works. Here is what I have setup so far. Is there anything else I need to do? I manually mount it like

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 # usb usb sd card
 export SECONDARY_STORAGE /storage/usbdisk0
 mkdir /storage/usbdisk0 0666 system system

 symlink /storage/usbdisk0 /usbdisk
 symlink /storage/usbdisk0 /mnt/usbdisk

dev_mount usbdisk /storage/usbdisk0 auto /dev/block/sda1
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