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Write code to return the index of first occurrence of element of sorted array ??

+2 votes


Input = 1 Output=0 (First index of 1).
Input = 2 Output=2 (First index of 2).
Input = 6 Output= 5 (First index of 6).
Input = 7 Output= 8 (First index of 7).
Input = 8 Output=15 (First index of 8).
Input = 9 Output=17 (First index of 9).

posted Jan 19, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes
int FirstOccur(int Array[],int low,int high,int data)
  int mid;

    mid=(high+low)/2;//calculate the mid value

    /*this condition says that when low index of the array becomes mid and data is less than mid-1,
      then u can say mid is the first occurrence of that element as u r checking the first occurrence 
      of that element*/
       return mid;
    else if(Array[mid]<=data)
        return FirstOccur(Array,low,mid-1,data);
        return FirstOccur(Array,mid+1,high,data);


   return -1;
answer Jun 30, 2014 by Joy Dutta
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