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WAP to arrange element of array ?

+4 votes

Write a program to make AVL tree buy arranging element in array ?

posted Nov 8, 2013 by Anuj Yadav

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Can you please specify that how you want to arrange the elements? Is it some special kind of arrangement other then ascending or descending?

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Input = 1 Output=0 (First index of 1).
Input = 2 Output=2 (First index of 2).
Input = 6 Output= 5 (First index of 6).
Input = 7 Output= 8 (First index of 7).
Input = 8 Output=15 (First index of 8).
Input = 9 Output=17 (First index of 9).

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You have two arrays A1 and A2. Delete all element from A1 which are already in A2 and return new array.

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Divide the array in two subarrays of n/2 sizes each such that the difference of the sum of two subsets is as minimum as possible. If n is even, then sizes of two subarray must be n/2 and if n is odd, then size of one subarray must be (n-1)/2 and size of other subset must be (n+1)/2.

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Output: 125 (40, 50, 35)

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