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How to read "time" from a Tomcat server?

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Is there a command i can issue to get the exact system time that the remote Tomcat server is using? And then is there a command or some way (with applicable admin rights) to set the remote time?

The idea is the sync'ing of the different PC's I am hoping to use, if there is some other way used I am grateful to hear it. I am setting up a distributed system that's running in Linux.

posted Jan 8, 2014 by Deepti Singh

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2 Answers

+1 vote

Check the web for the "ntpd" daemon and/or the "ntpdate" commands. You may also need "hwclock".

As for getting/setting the time remotely, you need some access to the server for that. If you have command-line access, "date" is your friend. If not, create a Tomcat webapp using any of the multiple date/time java classes to achieve this.

answer Jan 8, 2014 by Anderson
+1 vote

Depending on how you look at it - use the HTTP spec and look at the Date response header

The above technique doesn't require shell access and is an "easy" way to get the date of ANY webserver. (read the spec for caveats)

answer Jan 8, 2014 by Ahmed Patel
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