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How to get current time on various system (Unix Timestamp)

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Perl                time
PHP                 time()
C/C++               time_t t = time()
Ruby       (or To display the epoch:
Python              import time first, then time.time()
Java                long epoch = System.currentTimeMillis()/1000;
Microsoft .NET C#   epoch = (DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime().Ticks - 621355968000000000) / 10000000;
VBScript/ASP        DateDiff("s", "01/01/1970 00:00:00", Now())
Erlang              calendar:datetime_to_gregorian_seconds(calendar:now_to_universal_time( now()))-719528*24*3600.
element(1, now()) * 10000 + element(2, now()).
MySQL               SELECT unix_timestamp(now())
PostgreSQL          SELECT extract(epoch FROM now());
Oracle PL/SQL       SELECT (SYSDATE - TO_DATE('01-01-1970 00:00:00', 'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')) *  24 * 60 * 60 FROM DUAL
SQL Server          SELECT DATEDIFF(s, '1970-01-01 00:00:00', GETUTCDATE())
JavaScript          Math.round(new Date().getTime()/1000.0) getTime() returns time in milliseconds.
Unix/Linux Shell    date +%s
PowerShell          Get-Date -UFormat "%s" Produces: 1279152364.63599
Actionscript        (new Date()).time

Other OS’s Command line: 
       perl -e "print time" (If Perl is installed on your system)
       ColdFusion (CFML) MX 6.1+    #int( getTickCount() / 1000 )#
       Bash Command Line: date +%s
posted Jan 21, 2014 by anonymous

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