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LTE: Why TEID is 4 bytes and sequence number 3 bytes long in GTPV2-C header ?

+5 votes
LTE: Why TEID is 4 bytes and sequence number 3 bytes long in GTPV2-C header ?
posted Jan 7, 2014 by Harshita

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We will identify each tunnel using combination of source-TEID , dest-TEID and source IP address, dest IP address. How often the IP address and the TEID are repeated? is this just unique for each tunnel of UE or unique within the cell?

+1 vote

Section 5.3/29.274
" The GTPv2-C message header for the Echo Request, Echo Response and Version Not Supported Indication messages
shall not contain the TEID field, but shall contain the Sequence Number fields, followed by one spare octet as depicted
in figure 5.3-1"

Now my question - Is there any possibility of sending echo request with the sequence number as zero?

+4 votes

Each layer has TLV while GTPv2 has TLIV, can anyone explain why?

+1 vote

How does MME and SGW maps the GTPv2 messages responses to each user or IMSI not all of these responses carry IMSI values or any other user identifier, for example Create Session Request has Mandatory IMSI field, but the answer don't have IMSI, so how does MME know this particular response belong to this particular request?

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