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Is there any possibility of sending echo request (GTPC) with the sequence number as zero?

+1 vote

Section 5.3/29.274
" The GTPv2-C message header for the Echo Request, Echo Response and Version Not Supported Indication messages
shall not contain the TEID field, but shall contain the Sequence Number fields, followed by one spare octet as depicted
in figure 5.3-1"

Now my question - Is there any possibility of sending echo request with the sequence number as zero?

posted Jul 4, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

As per my knowledge, sequence number is used to track re-transmission and to detect link failure in case expected response message is not received. Since this is used to track re-transmission it should be non-zero number.

answer Jul 5, 2016 by Harshita
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Could somebody explain about Recovey IE in GTPC message .I know this is restart counter of GW .Then what is the importance of this IE?

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This is regarding the scenario where GTP-U peer got restarted and again came to service. However,the other GTP-U entity could not detect the restart of peer GTP-U entiity as it keep receving Echo Response. I had read the Restart Counter/(Recovery IE), is used to detect such restarts. But, as per spec 29.281, Restart counter is no longer use and ignored. In such case how such quick GTP-U restarts are detected by peer GTP-U? Is it so that in this case no recovery action needed for User Plane ?

I do see that we have Private Extension IE but again that is vendor specific so that can not be used for interconnection with devices with other Vendors.

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Is GTPU ECHO Mechanism mandatory to be enabled between 2 Peer Entities to transfer User Data in LTE and without GTPU ECHO Mechanism, will user data can be transferred to & fro after Attach is Success?

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