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Why Data Warehouse Separated from Operational Databases

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Why Data Warehouse Separated from Operational Databases
posted Dec 11, 2013 by Neeraj Pandey

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1 Answer

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Data warehousing is an efficient system which is used for making reports and doing analysis. These systems are used to store the past or previous as well as current data used for creating trending reports which is further made use in senior management reporting annually and quarterly. It works by bringing all the data in a central location which is known as data warehouse. All the data that is stored or uploaded in this data warehouse is done from the operational systems. But there is a great difference that is to be considered between operational systems and data ware housing.Data warehousing applications


The basic difference that we can talk about is that the use of operational systems is basically done in the field of transaction processing. But the other one that is data warehousing systems are used to support in the field of online analytical processing. The usage patterns also that are used in operational systems are totally different from those which are used in data warehouse systems. The operational systems are known to be process oriented while the data warehouse systems are subject oriented and not as specific as the operational systems. The current data is related to operational systems while the data warehouse deals more with the historic type of data. Many of the operational systems are non-integrated system and redundant too while the data warehouse is integrated and helps in avoiding data redundancy problems. Operational systems handle small amounts of data while the large amount of data retrievals is done by data warehouse systems.

The operational database that is constructed is done for the well-known tasks and workloads such as searching specific types of records or indexing but the queries involved in data ware housing systems are intricate and present the data in general form. The data that is included within the operational systems are updated on a regular basis. But if we see to data warehouse systems then it provides only read only access and if once the data is loaded in these systems then they are not frequently changed. The users which deal with the operational database do not require much technical skills while if we want to work with the data warehouse database then we need some special computing skills.


The data ware housing systems and databases do not require real time data validation but the operational database do require data validation tables on a regular basis. Data ware house has only few users that is up to hundred while the operational database has many concurrent users. Single line transactions are related to the operational database while the bulk load with data ware housing database. The data ware house is flexible but the operational databases are known to provide high performance. Both are separated from each other and data ware housing is located in separate system basically to increase the performance of the system and also reduces the cost involved per analysis. The structure though is same for both still they have a number of differences.

answer Jul 17, 2017 by Manikandan J