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Output is not coming with defined color

0 votes

I am trying to display my output with different colour on terminal, but it's coming with that colour code.
Please help me how is it possible?
my code is -

from fabric.colors import green, red, blue
def colorr():
 a = red('This is red')
 b = green('This is green')
 c = blue('This is blue')
 d = {a, b, c}
 print d

output - 
set(['x1b[32mThis is greenx1b[0m', 'x1b[34mThis is bluex1b[0m', 'x1b[31mThis is redx1b[0m'])
posted May 29, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

You are printing the {a, b, c} set. That ends up printing the repr of all of its contents. The repr breaks the desired output. Try to just print a, b, c

answer May 29, 2013 by anonymous
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I seem to have misunderstood something about the way Crypto.Cipher is supposed to work, because I'm getting unexpected results, here is my code..

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I have the following script which does not return anything, no apparent mistake but my output file is empty.I am just trying to extract some decimal number from a file according to their names which are in another file. from collections import defaultdict import numpy as np

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 gene = line.strip().split()

ercc_rpkm = defaultdict(lambda: np.zeros(1, dtype=float))
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If someone could help me spot what's wrong it would be much appreciate cheers

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Sometimes python shell throws error while declaring variables . Is there any single place where all the rules are defined ?