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I used defaultdic to store some variables but the output is blank

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I have the following script which does not return anything, no apparent mistake but my output file is empty.I am just trying to extract some decimal number from a file according to their names which are in another file. from collections import defaultdict import numpy as np

ercc_contigs= {}
for line in open ('Faq_ERCC_contigs_name.txt'):
 gene = line.strip().split()

ercc_rpkm = defaultdict(lambda: np.zeros(1, dtype=float))
output_file = open('out.txt','w')

rpkm_file = open('RSEM_Faq_Q1.genes.results.txt')
for line in rpkm_file:
 line = line.strip()
 columns = line.strip().split()
 gene = columns[0].strip()
 rpkm_value = float(columns[6].strip())
 if gene in ercc_contigs:
 ercc_rpkm[gene] += rpkm_value

ercc_fh = open ('out.txt','w')
for gene, rpkm_value in ercc_rpkm.iteritems():
 ercc = '{0}t{1}n'.format(gene, rpkm_value)
 ercc_fh.write (ercc)

If someone could help me spot what's wrong it would be much appreciate cheers

posted Jun 9, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

1) You probably planned to use the loop above to populate the ercc_contigs dict, but there's no code for that.

2) Remember that ercc_contigs is empty; therefore the test

3) I think ercc_rpkm = defaultdict(float) should suffice.

4) You can remove all strip() method calls here as line.split() implicitly removes all whitespace.

answer Jun 9, 2013 by anonymous
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