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Is LTE more secure as compare to UMTS or HSPA?

+2 votes

Can we say that LTE is more secure then HSPA or WCDMA if yes what are some high level factors which makes it more secure. If not then why?

posted Nov 28, 2013 by Salil Agrawal

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Similar Questions
+4 votes

For NAS security mode command ,input giving to CMAC (integrity check) function at both UE and MME side are same but still im getting intgrity check failed ,for exp:
1) KEY = \xef\x6b\xee\xda\x7f\x66\xc5\x67\x34\xa6\x1b\xcf\x1e\x8f\x12\x87.
2) COUNT = 0.
3) BEARER ID =0.
5) mesage = \x07\x5d\x22\x00\x02\xe0\xe0.
6)sequence no. = 0x00.
please can you explain me with this example ,what will be the final message(message forming) M.

+2 votes

In LTE, if a NAS packet is going to be sent, the encryption is followed by integrity protection in NAS layer, but in RRC/PDCP layer, When RRC messages are being sent, they are integrity protected first and then encrypted before being sent, unlike NAS messages were. Why the integrity and encryption protection order is different in NAS and AS layer?

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