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Why there is 2 level of security as NAS and AS in LTE?

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Why there is 2 level of security as NAS and AS in LTE?
posted Feb 6, 2015 by Rajib Samui

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hi salil
Gone thru the link but still not clear as the difference is not evident with a different technology like 3G where also the AS and NAS is present
NAS Security is between MME and UE whereas AS security is UE and eNodeB both serves the different purpose.

There are two ways to do this, i.e. Integrity and Ciphering.
For C-Plane: Integrity protection applied. For U-plane: Integrity protection and ciphering.

In general term Integrity protection means, Receiver can verify that received message is the same as that Sender/Transmitter sends.  Where as Ciphering/encryption means Transmitter/sender encrypts the data with a key and that key knows to only Receiver and no middleman can understand the data even if it gets it.
hi ..
thanks for reply but still having confusion - and confusion is getting here - i am having RRC integrated and ciphered and the RRC encapsulates the NAS message so on the air interface the RRC and the NAS is encrypted but after the enodeb that is between enodeB and MME NAS is encapsulated in S1AP so does that means NAS requires an encryption at this interface that is between enodeB and MME and regarding the integrity check of NAS i understood that NAS is between UE and MME so integrity check will happen at the MME and therefore might be a seperate NAS integrity check required apart from RRC . So if this be so can anyone explain that in 3G i think there is NAS and RRC but there is a single level of security
Not much idea of 3G lets wait for someone to cover the 3G aspect :)

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