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How to convert unstructured data into structured data?

+3 votes

Say I want to convert email into the structured data so that it can be stored into Database, any clue how to achieve this?

posted Nov 25, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Try openRefine at other tool called PIG but I have no idea let others comment if that know any other useful tool.

answer Nov 25, 2013 by Sanketi Garg
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+1 vote

I have data in table A as below

Assetid   attribute   value
    1546    Ins_date   05062011
    1546    status     active
    1546    X          10.4567
    1546    Y          27.56
    1546    size       17
    675     X          4.778
    675     Y          53.676
    675     depth      5
    675     st_date    06092010

I have data as above in table A. This table has many Assetids 1546,675,....etc. attributes might vary for assets.

I want output as below:

assetid  ins_date  status  X        Y       Size  depth  st_date
1546     05062011  active  10.4567  27.56   17    null   null
675      null      null    4.778    53.676  null  5      06092010

I have created Stored procedure, then called in Informatica to achieve this output. However, since i have large volume of data, it is taking much time to load.

Please suggest me other easy and best way to load it.

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For example, if I have RAID size of 10TB but my data is 12TB, then how can I make use of the RAID and if so how?

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I am using 4G-LTE for data which used to be fast enough and I was happy. But for some reason it stopped working. I am using it as a WiFi hotspot.

Any suggestion .

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Why B Trees are used to implement databases? Please explain with example.

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Given two n-node trees, how many rotations does it take to convert one tree into the other?

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