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Is it possible to store more data than the size of the RAID?

+4 votes

For example, if I have RAID size of 10TB but my data is 12TB, then how can I make use of the RAID and if so how?

posted May 21, 2015 by Venkadash

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Please explain in simple language, if possible then in layman's terms. I want to understand only basics not in deep.

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Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on Software Raid in Fedora? I want to use larger drive sizes than the hardware RAID will support!

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I'm setting up a computer with CentOS 6.4 and a mirrored software
RAID. I would like it to be encrypted so I was wondering what the best
configuration is. The only info I could find is
but it appears to be a bit old and the info on the wiki ( ) doesn't seem to
address RAIDs.

My main question is will it be better to encrypt the RAID itself or
the two partitions used by the RAID? Any other things I should be
aware of?